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General Terms and Conditions of the Global Primex payment account and VLoad Vouchers.

1. General

1.1 The payment account (hereinafter, “Payment Account”) is set up and managed by Global Primex Limited (hereinafter, “Global Primex”, “GPL”, “We”, or “Us”). The registered office of Global Primex is at Level 10, Maeva Tower, Silicon Avenue, Cybercity, Ebène, Republic of Mauritius. Global Primex can contacted via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at +441382797240 (UK) or +17727424504 (US). Global Primex renders its services on the basis of a Payment Intermediary Services License number C116016613 issued by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (hereinafter, the “FSC”) and it thus subject to the supervision of the FSC.

1.2 The opening, using, and closing of the Payment Account and the matters relating to the use of VLoad eVouchers, are subject to these Terms and Conditions, which shall constitute the contract between Global Primex and the customer (hereinafter, the “Agreement”). The language of the contract shall be English.

1.3 Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information about your rights and duties relating to your Payment Account. Furthermore, you are obliged to use your Payment Account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The VLoad eVoucher purchased through the Payment Account exclusively belongs to the person (you, the Customer) who opened the account. The customer is not entitled neither to transfer the Payment Account nor to transfer the VLoad eVoucher to a third party.

1.4 The purpose of the Payment Account is to purchase vouchers (hereinafter, “VLoad eVouchers”), you can use the VLoad eVoucher with those online retailers and service providers which accept VLoad eVoucher as means of payment (hereinafter, “Merchants” or “Participating Merchants”). Once you have purchased a VLoad eVoucher you can use it, by means of redemption, to purchase products and services from these Merchants.

2. Opening a Payment Account: Requirements, Registration and Approval

2.1 The customer must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to open a Payment Account and provide and official proof of identity. Global Primex is entitled to request proof of identity (legible picture) and age from the customer at any time. Each customer may only open one Payment Account. The account must be in the customer's name. It is prohibited to open another Payment Account for the customer or another person. If this regulation is violated, We expressly reserve the right to immediately freeze/block the relevant Payment Account and terminate this Agreement. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the customer confirms that they will use the account in their own name and at their own cost, that they are the beneficial owner, and that they are not acting for a third party.

2.2 To open a Payment Account the customer must register online on the Global Primex website (one-time procedure). As a financial institution, when establishing a business relationship, Global Primex is obliged to identify the customer and verify the customer identity and assessing and, as appropriate, obtaining information on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship. To this end, Global Primex is entitled to ask for proof of the customer's identity, the place of residence, the origin of the funds and to request other documents relating the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship and confirming the accuracy of registration data. In the course of registration, the customer will be asked to provide an e-mail address and password that will be used as log-in details.

2.3 Global Primex is entitled to set up quantitative economic limits in the Payment Account, both for the purchase of the products supported by Payment Account and to the individual transactions executed through the Payment Account and/or other limits based on risk assessment in order to protect the Payment Account from fraudulent activity. Currently, the Payment Account has 4 payment quantitative limits: i) Basic Tier with annual purchases up to 150,00 EUR/USD; ii) Tier 1 with annual purchases up to 500,00 EUR/USD; iii) Tier 2 with annual purchases up to 25,000.00 EUR/USD; and iv) Premium Tier with annual purchases up to 100,000.00 EUR/USD, which can be increased if the relevant documentation provided by the User regarding the source of funds and/or the source of wealth sustains the level of purchases required by the User. Further information on individual limits can be reviewed by the customer at the website (https://www.vload.com/pricing), or in case that you purchase through our European distributor (see section 3.2) at the distributor website (https://pl.vload.com/pricing). Global Primex is entitled to temporarily or permanently increase or reduce these limits and the documentation required to qualify for each tier at its own discretion, on the basis of the relevant Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (hereinafter, “AML-CFT”) legislation and the recommendations by the international agencies and governments.

2.4 Before the customer can perform transactions whose amounts exceed the limits defined in the tiers, the customer must upgrade their Payment Account to the relevant tier, this can be done at any moment. To do so it must be submitted the documentation required to assess the origin of the funds and the purpose of the business relationship, that shall be defined by Global Primex and regularly updated. This data will be stored and checked electronically and reviewed by our specialized staff with the support of technological tools provided by reputable third-party providers.

Residents and citizens of the following countries cannot open the Payment Account and hence cannot use the VLoad eVouchers:

Afghanistan. Albania. Algeria (El Djazaïr). Angola. Benin. Bosnia And Herzegovina. Botswana. Burkina Faso. Burundi. Cameroon. Cape Verde. Central African Republic. Chad (Tchad). Comoros. Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Cuba. Democratic Republic Of Congo (Formerly Zaire). Djibouti. Egypt. Equatorial Guinea. Eritrea. Ethiopia. Gabon. Gambia, The. Ghana. Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. Iran (Islamic Republic Of Iran). Iraq. Korea (Democratic People's Republic Of [North] Korea). Kosovo. Lesotho. Liberia. Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahirya). Madagascar. Malawi. Mali. Mauritania. Mayotte. Mozambique (Moçambique). Myanmar (Formerly Burma). Namibia. Niger. Pakistan. Palestinian Territories. Republic Of Congo. Reunion. Rwanda. Saint Helena. Sao Tome And Principe. Senegal. Seychelles. Sierra Leone. Somalia. South Africa (Zuid Afrika). Sudan. Swaziland. Syrian Arab Republic. Tanzania. Togo. Tunisia. Uganda. Vanuatu. Venezuela. Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic). Zambia (Formerly Northern Rhodesia). Zimbabwe.

Global Primex shall be entitled to update this list at any moment.

3. Buying a VLoad eVoucher

3.1 You can purchase a VLoad eVoucher directly from Global Primex upon payment by you of the value of the VLoad eVoucher. You can pay for a VLoad eVoucher with a bank transfer, with your debit/credit card or with alternative payment methods. Please be aware, that the Customer has to be the title-owner of the payment method used for the purchasing of the VLoad eVoucher, namely, for payments with debit/credit cards you need to be the cardholder, while with payments with bank transfer or alternative payment methods you need to be the account holder. Global Primex reserves the right to extend or modify the payment methods for purchasing VLoad eVoucher. VLoad eVoucher are only denominated in EUR and USD currencies. VLoad eVoucher shall not credit any interest to the value of the VLoad eVoucher. The maximum amount of each individual VLoad eVoucher is FIVE HUNDRED (500,00) EUR/USD.

3.2 We have a relationship with an online distributor (hereinafter, “Distributor” or “Commercial Agent”), where the VLoad Cash Voucher can be purchased. Our European Distributor is Global Primex Sp z o.o (hereinafter, “Global Primex Poland”) with NIP-5242837709 and registered in Warsaw (Poland). Global Primex Poland holds commercial agent agreement for the sale of VLoad Cash Vouchers with Global Primex Limited. If you are a European resident, the voucher will be sold by Global Primex Poland. The role of the Global Primex Poland is only to sell the product, all of the remaining relevant actions will be performed by Global Primex. For the avoidance of doubt, the voucher will be issue by Global Primex (Mauritius). Global Primex (Mauritius) will also manage the redemption of the VLoad Cash Vouchers at the Participating Merchants and the execution, when applicable, of the VLoad Pay-Out Voucher and the Cash-Out functionality (see section 6).

3.3 Each VLoad eVoucher shall be assigned with its own unique reference number and with the unique Personal Identification Number ("PIN"), each of them will be between 16 to 20 digits. When you purchase a VLoad eVoucher, Global Primex will send you and email with the reference number and the PIN number, this information will also be displayed in the “My Voucher” section. The customer needs to provide his/her mobile telephone, for security and verification purposes.

3.4 All VLoad eVoucher are monitored to determine any irregular activity. Global Primex reserves the right to cancel any VLoad eVoucher if Global Primex reasonable believes that the transaction is suspicious or derived, directly or indirectly, from fraudulent activity.

4. Using a VLoad eVoucher

4.1 The customer can use the VLoad eVoucher to make payments to Merchants who accept payment from VLoad eVoucher. The terms and conditions stated on the website of the relevant Merchant for accepting payments via a VLoad eVoucher shall apply. The validity of the VLoad eVoucher is 180 days from the moment of issuance. If you do not redeem the VLoad eVoucher during the 180 days, the VLoad eVoucher will be deactivated. After the deactivation of the VLoad eVoucher, the customer can contact Global Primex for a re-issuing of the VLoad eVoucher in which case, the issuing fee shall apply again. Expiration date is visible in the VLoad eVoucher. You may use each VLoad eVoucher one-time, hence we advise you to buy the VLoad eVoucher for the precise amount of the price of the goods or services that you want to purchase, or for a close amount. Nevertheless, in case of a mismatch, Global Primex will wire you back the remaining amount minus the fees applied by the beneficiary bank (Customer’s Bank).

4.2 The customer can initiate a payment transaction to the relevant Merchant by selecting the "payment by VLoad" option displayed on the Merchant's website. The payment data will be shown and then the customer shall authorize the payment transaction by entering the VLoad eVoucher reference number and the relevant PIN of each VLoad eVoucher. After authorization (VLoad eVoucher reference number + PIN) the payment order will be deemed to have been received. Global Primex will process the payment order immediately, which means that you cannot cancel the order once it has been authorized. Global Primex may introduce additional security features (such as an SMS TAN procedure) for authorizing payments, to protect the Payment Account and the VLoad eVoucher against illegitimate transactions. The customer must comply with the security procedures implemented by Global Primex.

4.3 When you pay using your VLoad eVoucher (redeem) you will be asked to enter the particular reference number and PIN of the particular VLoad eVoucher. All debits from the VLoad eVoucher shall be in EUR or USD currency.

4.4 Upon entering the reference number and the PIN of the particular VLoad eVoucher, the Customer irrevocably authorizes Global Primex to execute the payment transaction, thus, Global Primex can settle the funds to the Merchant.

4.5 You can purchase and you can use as may VLoad eVoucher as you want. The customer will also be able to bundle several VLoad eVouchers into one (hereinafter, “VLoad Bundle eVoucher”). The Customer can bundle as many VLoad eVouchers as he/she wants but the total amount of the resulting VLoad Bundle eVoucher cannot exceed FIVE THOUSAND (5.000,00) EUR/USD per single transaction. The VLoad Bundle eVoucher will have a unique reference number and PIN number.

4.6 It is prohibited to sell, trade in, or purchase VLoad eVoucher, of any type or sub-type. This prohibition explicitly refers to so-called "exchange platforms". A purchase of VLoad eVoucher over the Internet is allowed exclusively through our website (https://www.vload.com) or we website of our European distributor (https://pl.vload.com).

4.7 You can check the status of your VLoad eVoucher, of any type at any time on the section “My Voucher” of Global Primex website (https://www.vload.com).

4.8 If you find that your VLoad eVoucher is defective, you should tell Global Primex immediately, either by phone at +441382797240 (UK) or +17727424504 (US), or via e-mail at [email protected]. If it is not possible to remedy the defect, Global Primex will refund you the relevant amount of the VLoad eVoucher.

5. Refund

You may, at any time, request a refund of a particular VLoad eVoucher provided that the VLoad eVoucher has not been redeemed for the payment of goods and/or services at a Merchant. To do so, send us an e-mail to [email protected] requesting refund or call customer services +441382797240 (UK) or +17727424504 (US) indicating the following details:

Voucher number

Date when the order was placed

Order paid (amount and currency)

Product item (amount and currency)

Reason for refund

5.2 All eligible refunds will be credited within 7 to 10 business days. Please note that due to billing cycles, the fund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge. If the refund is done via wire, Global Primex will transfer to the customer the funds via wire minus the fees applied by the beneficiary bank (Customer’s Bank).

5.3 A customer can obtain a refund only if:

The customer is verified holder of the VLoad eVoucher.

The VLoad eVoucher has not been used (redeemed).

Reason of the refund is justified and valid (buying eVoucher in a currency which the merchant does not support/accept, or was the currency chosen was not the desired one, is not a valid justification)

If the eVoucher is used (redeemed), the customer will be advised to contact the merchant, where the VLoad eVoucher had been used.

A customer service representative may ask the customer to provide a reason of the refund request.

Depending on the payment method, a refund might not be possible. We reserve the right to retain the issuing fee and administration fee, granting the refund only for the eVoucher.

5.4 Any redeemed VLoad eVoucher will be analyzed by our team and might be considered for a refund on a case by case basis (depending on the reason and circumstances).

5.5 Where applicable, Global Primex will refund only the amount of the nominal value of the VLoad eVoucher, for the avoidance of doubt, the fees paid by the customer for the issuance of the VLoad eVoucher will not be refunded.

6. VLoad Pay-Out Voucher and Cash-Out

6.1 Merchants accepting VLoad eVouchers can perform a withdrawal process using VLoad, to that end Global Primex will issue an eVoucher to pay out funds earned or acquired by the Customer (hereinafter, “VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher”), provided that the customer had redeemed at least one VLoad eVoucher with the Merchant in the past. As soon as the VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher is generated the customer will receive the details regarding the reference number and PIN. Each VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher will be displayed in the transaction history. The validity of each VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher is SIXTY (60) days from the issuance. The minimum amount of the VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher is FIFTY (50,00) EUR/USD. Global Primex does not charge any fee for the VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher although, please be advised, that Merchants accepting VLoad eVouchers may charge an additional fee.

6.2 VLoad Pay-Out will not be possible, or temporarily blocked if:

The customer's Payment Account is blocked;

The limit for the Payment Account, in its current status (tier), has been exceeded or;

The Merchant is blocked or not authorised to make payments.

If the Merchant’s payment request is rejected, the customer will be immediately informed.

6.3 The customer can use a VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher as a normal VLoad eVoucher, hence, to pay for goods and services at the Participating Merchants. The customer can also cash-out the eVoucher, requesting the funds to be transferred to his/her bank account, the funds will be wired to the customer’s bank account on the next business day. If the customer used a payment method different than the bank transfer, when applicable, Global Primex will request the details of the bank account. Global Primex will request the relevant documentation that proves that the customer is the account holder of the bank account.

6.4 VLoad Cash-Out is only possible in regions where the VLoad eVoucher is available.

6.5 In order to request the Cash-Out the customer should complete the following steps:

1. Enter the account email address and password and Sign-in to their VLoad account.

2. Navigate to “My account”, click on the Unlock Cash-Out tab and fill out the documents under each section:

Sign the tax self-certification form.

Fill out the bank account details.

Upload a recent bank statement.

6.6 Please be advised that bank account verification might take up to 2 business days. After verification of the above-mentioned documents and bank account information, customers are notified regarding the status of their verification via email.

6.7 The minimum amount for a cash-out is ONE HUNDRED (100,00) EUR/USD, although, if the customer provided the wrong bank details and the transaction was not completed, the customer is entitled to provide the corrected bank details and request for the cash-out of the remaining amount (original amount minus the fees of the intermediary/beneficiary bank that rejected the transaction due to wrong bank details). In this regard, Global Primex will charge the following fees:

USD – International excluding USA - 0.3 % (min 30.00 USD)

USD - Domestic, USA Only - 0.2 % (min 20.00 USD)

EUR - 0.3% (min 30.00 EUR)

6.8 The above-mentioned fees will be deducted from the VLoad Payout eVoucher amount. The international wire transfers usually reach beneficiary accounts in 2 to 5 business days, depending on the wire type and bank connection.

7. Rejection of a transaction

7.1 Global Primex will reject a payment transaction if:

carrying out the transaction would violate provisions of the relevant law, or a court order or official order;

there is a well-founded suspicion that carrying out the transaction would constitute an offence or is prohibited to prevent money laundering;

access data and/or security parameters have not been supplied or supplied incompletely;

the Payment Account is blocked;

insufficient amount of the VLoad eVoucher to execute the transaction;

The title-owner of the payment method mismatch the account holder of the Payment Account.

Regarding a transaction for the issuance of a VLoad eVoucher when there is a high risk of chargeback, or when the third-party providers of payment/banking services deem that there is a high risk of chargeback;

The VLoad eVoucher was not acquired by person that is trying the cash-out or the redemption.

7.2 If a transaction is rejected the customer will be informed immediately

8. Security and PIN protection

8.1 The customer must keep the VLoad eVoucher and/or the VLoad Pay-Out eVoucher, with the respectively PIN(s), safe and protect it from access by any third parties. The customer shall not give the PIN to any third party. All transactions made using the VLoad eVoucher and the PIN will be treated as being authorised by the particular customer. If the customer believes any of the VLoad eVoucher(s) transactions are incorrectly executed, the customer must notify us without undue delay.

8.2 To maintain the security of the Payment Account, Global Primex is authorized to contact the customer by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer when signing-up, or via text message or call to the mobile telephone number provided when signing-up. To this end, the customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the e-mail address and mobile telephone number provided are accessible, and for immediately retrieving and reading any messages sent to them by Global Primex in order to prevent unauthorised use of the Payment Account and/or the VLoad eVouchers. Consequently, at any time, Global Primex is authorised to ask the customer to prove that their personal data is accurate and up to date, by providing appropriate evidence.

8.3 If Global Primex has legitimate concern that the customer's Payment Account is at risk of fraud or a security threat, Global Primex will contact the customer using the details provided by the customer when signing-up.

8.4 The customer is obliged to protect their access data (email address and password) and any security parameters from use by third parties.

8.5 If the customer notices that their access data or security parameters have been lost, stolen, misused, or used in any other unauthorised way, they shall contact Global Primex without undue delay by telephone +441382797240 (UK) or +17727424504 (US) or online [email protected] to have the Payment Account blocked. Any undue delay in notifying Global Primex may affect the security of the customer's Payment Account and VLoad eVouchers.

8.6 Credit card information is handled in compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 requirements and with respect to the strictest IT security practices via GPN DATA Payment Gateway (www.gpndata.com).

8.7 Please note that the staff of Global Primex will never ask you to provide your password by phone, e-mail or in any other way. The user name and password shall only be entered directly on the website of Global Primex.

9. Disputes with Merchants

9.1 If you have any disputes about purchases you have made with VLoad eVouchers, you should settle these with the relevant Merchant. We are not responsible for the quality, safety or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with VLoad eVouchers.

9.2 Remember that once you have used your VLoad eVoucher to make a purchase we cannot stop that transaction.

10. Fees

10.1 We shall charge the customer the fees set out on our website (https://www.vload.com/pricing) for each transaction. The Customer authorizes Global Primex to debit for the relevant Payment Account any applicable fee at the time of the transaction.

10.2 When executing a payment transaction to purchase a VLoad eVoucher or when requesting a cash-out, fees from third-party financial entities may apply according to the terms of the agreement between the Customer and its bank or the financial entity operating the payment method (debit/credit cards). By purchasing the VLoad eVoucher or requesting the cash-out, the customer acknowledges that he/she solely responsible for any and all fees applied by his/her bank or financial entity operating the payment method.

10.3 All fees will be charged in the currency of the VLoad eVoucher. Nevertheless, the fees applicable by the financial entity operating the payment method used by the Customer to purchase the VLoad eVoucher or to receive a cash-out will be charged, if applicable, in the currency of the payment method, regardless of the currency of the VLoad eVoucher.

10.4 Global Primex reserves the right to change the fees from time to time. Updates will be indicated on the fees page of our website (https://www.vload.com/pricing).

10.5 Currently, Global Primex is only charging the customer for the MONEY-IN (purchasing of a VLoad eVoucher) and the CASH-OUT (transferring money from the Payment Account to the customer’s bank account). Global Primex does not charge fees for the PAY-OUT (transferring money from the Merchant to the Payment Account), although, please be advised that the particular Merchant can charge fees for that transaction independently from Global Primex.

11. Blocking the Payment Account

11.1 Global Primex is entitled and may freeze/block the customer's Payment Account or otherwise restrict its functionality on reasonable grounds relating to the security of the Payment Account or any of their security features or if we reasonably suspect that an unauthorised or fraudulent use of the customer's Payment Account has occurred or that any of its security features have been compromised. We will notify the customer if we freeze the Payment Account and of the reasons for such action in advance or, where we are unable to do so, immediately after the suspension or restriction has been imposed, unless notifying the customer would be unlawful or compromise our reasonable security interests. We will unblock the Payment Account as soon as practicable after the reasons for the suspension and/or restriction have ceased to exist.

12. Global Primex liability

12.1 If the customer is affected by something which is Global Primex’s fault, Global Primex will only be responsible for loss you suffer as a direct result up to a maximum of the amount of the VLoad eVoucher(s) involved in the transaction(s).

12.2 In the case of a payment that was incorrectly executed due to an error by Global Primex, Global Primex shall, as soon as practicable, and at Global Primex sole discretion either (i) issue you with a new VLoad eVoucher or, (ii) refund you, by means of a bank transfer to a bank account where the customer is the account holder (or if possible, to the same payment method used for the purchasing of the VLoad eVoucher) the payment amount. This shall not apply, and you shall be responsible for all losses on Payment Account and the VLoad eVouchers if:

you have acted fraudulently or compromised the security of your Payment Account and/or your VLoad eVoucher with intent or gross negligence; or

you fail to dispute and bring the incorrectly executed transaction to our attention within 13 months from the date of the transaction.

12.3 Subject to the foregoing, Global Primex shall not be liable for any disruption or impairment of the service or for disruptions or impairments of intermediary services on which Global Primex relies for the performance of Global Primex’ obligations hereunder, provided that such disruption or impairment is due to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our reasonable control or the control of the intermediary affected.

12.4 Global Primex shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses.

12.5 Global Primex shall not be liable for the assessment or payment of any taxes, duties or other charges that arise from your use of your VLoad eVoucher.

12.6 Global Primex does not guarantee the permanent availability of the Global Primex system, in particular the availability of the systems of the Merchants.

13. Data Protection

13.1 The customer explicitly consents to Global Primex, an entity with corporate address and operating in the Republic of Mauritius, accessing, processing, and retaining any information the customer provides to Global Primex, for the purposes of providing payment services to the customer. The customer may withdraw this consent by closing the Payment Account. If the customer withdraws consent in this way, Global Primex will cease using the customer's data but, if the customer has performed any transaction with economic value, Global Primex shall keep the customer's data for other purposes where Global Primex has other lawful grounds to do so, such as Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing purposes.

13.2 When the Payment Account is used, the customer's personal data will be collected to the extent necessary to supply the services. We use cookies for the purpose of system protection and protection against misuse. You must accept these cookies in order to use the Global Primex website. By using the services the customer agrees to accept the Privacy Notice which can be found at https://www.vload.com/privacy-policyv2

14. Term and Termination of Contract

14.1 The contract between Global Primex and the customer concerning the use of the Payment Account shall apply for an indefinite period of time.

14.2 As the customer may only purchase the VLoad eVoucher by means of distance communications, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the purchase without being charged with any additional fee. Furthermore, the customer is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship at any time, without giving any notice period. On the other hand, Global Primex is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship at any time by giving two (2) months' notice by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

14.3 If there is a serious cause, Global Primex can at any time terminate the contractual relationship with the customer with immediate effect, by e-mail to the e-mail address provided. Reasons which give rise to a right to terminate the contract without notice shall include but not be limited to a situation where:

the customer has made incorrect statements about their identity, or concealed any other material circumstances;

the customer has violated material provisions of these Terms and Conditions;

there is a suspicion that the customer has committed unlawful acts or violated Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing provisions;

the customer uses his/her Payment Account in an illegitimate manner

the customer uses VLoad eVouchers PINs which they did not buy from directly from Global Primex or its European distributor.

there are cyber-security concerns, or

Global Primex is obliged to terminate the contract without notice due to statutory or legal reasons.

14.4 When the termination of the contract becomes effective, the customer's Payment Account will be blocked. Global Primex shall refund to the customer the amount of the VLoad eVouchers not redeemed, minus the processing fees for the cash-out as indicated in the provision 12th.

15. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

15.1 Global Primex is entitled to amend these Terms and Conditions provided the customer is given written notification of the intended amendments not later than two months before to the date on which they are scheduled to apply. This notification shall be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address stored in the customer's Payment Account. The parties agree that, unless the customer objects to the proposed amendments in writing before the date on which they are scheduled to come into force, the customer will be deemed to have consented to these amendments, which shall become an effective part of the contract with the customer. The customer shall be entitled to terminate the contract with Global Primex without notice prior to the date on which the amendments enter into force. In the communication regarding the amendments to the contract, Global Primex shall inform the customer about the consequences of failing to object to the amendments, and about the customer's right to terminate the contract free of charge, and without notice.

15.2 Any simple enhancement of functionality, introduction of new services, or change of payment methods or merchants, shall not be deemed an amendment to the contract.

16. Complaints

16.1 If you are dissatisfied in any way with your VLoad eVouchers or the way our service is managed, tell us via by e-mailing [email protected] so we can investigate the circumstances. Any complaints you make will be dealt with quickly and fairly. You are also able to take your complaints to the [email protected]

17. Applicable Law

17.1 This contract shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. If any clauses or parts of clauses are ineffective, the effectiveness of the remainder of the clause(s) and the contract shall not be affected.