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О нас

Global Primex

Переопределение платежей с уверенностью

GLOBAL PRIMEX SP Z O. O. headquarters are located in the heart of Poland, in the bustling city of Warsaw. Our modern office houses a team of professionals with deep knowledge of the finance sector and a commitment to redefine the way organizations conceive payments.

We deliver a wide range of alternative Fintech solutions to meet the needs of both our Merchants and everyday users. Our services allow people to pay instantly, while their personal and financial information is safely stored in compliance with the latest data security standards. (PCI DSS 3.2 certified)

The Warsaw office is our think tank where, from the ground up, we design and build truly cross-border payment apps which are right in line with the highest standards of KYC rules and responsible banking.

Award Merchant Payments Ecosystem

Присуждение награды лучшему поставщику платежных услуг

MPE 2018

International Finance Award International Finance Awards 2019

Most innovative e-payment solution

IFA 2019 / 2020